HabLink Research and Training

We offer a competent and comprehensive research service that uses methodical investigation into an examination of materials and sources in order to establish facts and draw new conclusions.

We are responsible for gathering, organizing, and analyzing data in order to better understand a subject, with special attention paid to minimizing bias and error sources.

What We Do

1. Data Collection

We provide a data collection service that starts with the process of gathering data and ends with measuring information on variables of interest in a set methodical manner that makes it possible to respond to specified research questions, test hypotheses, and assess results.

Data Collection

2. Market Survey

We provide a market survey service that involves performing survey research, analyzing the market for a specific good or service, and looking into consumer preferences.

We also a a review service of various client capabilities, including investment characteristics and purchasing power.

Market Survey

3. Health Data Survey

We specialize in providing health data surveys that track risk factors, healthy habits, and non-health determinants or health correlates like socioeconomic status.

We employ the most effective methods when conducting the survey, such as the possibility of using a unique set of metrics that may be applied to every survey. As a result, using this technique will let you create a new project by comprehending a larger population.


4. Education Data Survey

We collect feedback and viewpoints from both educators and learners and then we use the results to inspire ongoing development in a variety of subject areas.

Education Survey

5. Agriculture Data Survey

We gather information at the parcel, plot, and crop levels to enable the analysis of crop yields according to plot management traits like gender and to better correlate production and inputs, including land area.

We offer comprehensive data on all selection criteria for holdings. Typically, information on investments, assets, organizational structure, and resource allocation is gathered.

Along with cost-of-production surveys, we also conduct agricultural data surveys.

Agriculture Survey

6. Research Agent in Ethiopia

We function as a section of your esteemed business or organization as a market research agency.

We are experts at conducting market research projects and can provide a whole range of services, or only fieldwork, or just data analysis.


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