HabLink Logistics

HabLink is a premier logistics service provider committed to providing top-tier logistics service solutions that fuel business efficiency. Bridging gaps in the supply chain and making sure your operations always stay on track.

We focus on streamlining your global supply chains, minimizing cost, and maximizing efficiency.

We leverage industry insights for strategic planning and operational effectiveness in logistics.

What We Do

1. Custom Clearing Services (Transit Services)

We provide excellent services in packing and moving, shipping, and freight forwarding.

We will be responsible for customs clearance formalities to take place at the point destination rather than at the point of entry into the customs territory. This will be beneficial for you as it allows the temporary suspension of duties, taxes, and commercial policy measures that are applicable at import.


2. Transportation Service

We provide the best transportation services. These include companies such as airlines, trucking, railroads, shipping, and logistics firms, as well as those that provide transportation infrastructure.

Our transportation services include the movement of goods and services, people, and animals from one location to another by rail, road, air, sea, cable, space, or pipeline.


3. Import and Export Advisory Services

We provide our customers in the international trade industry options to fulfill the rising need for safer, more environmentally friendly, and higher-quality products as well as the crucial needs of worldwide regulatory compliance.

For interested businesses, we conduct specialized research in areas including determining marketing strategies, designing marketing plans, and defining market distribution channels.


4. Freight Forwarding

On behalf of shippers, we offer a freight forwarding service that entails strategic logistics planning and execution for the transshipment of goods internationally.

In particular, among other things, we will handle freight pricing negotiations, container tracking, customs documentation, and freight consolidation.


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