The consulting firm is dedicated to provide practical, client-oriented participatory consultancy and advisory/backstopping in the area of business advisory, financial and investment consultancy, Human resource management, Project management and leadership & engineering advisory areas& etc.

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HabLink has done a research on the profitability of the construction machinery production project, a business plan for coffee export and for heavy vehicles import business. And he has successfully prepared and provided us all the documents.

Enyi General Business Plc

HabLink Consulting Plc has done a feasiblity study of real estate develoment prokect professionally and ethically to our satisfaction. We recommended the company for any similar assignments even at higher scale.

Noko Construction Plc

HabLink has prepared business plan according to bank requirement properly and we thank them for their dedicated contribution.

Haron Computer Plc

Accordingly, the company has shown first class professionalism and prepared the project to our satisfaction.

ADBC (Association For Development and Biodiversity Conservation) - NGO

HabLink has done the Feasibility study professionally ethically to our satisfaction. WE recommended him for any similar assigniments.

3F Finefine Furniture Factory Plc

Mr. Habtamu is working as an associate consultant with our institution and has facilitated the training in strategic planning and management, PR, marketing and investment promotion (MLM), event planning and modern exhibition management (MLM).

Ethiopian Management Institute

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