WHO WE ARE?     

The firm has been established and registered according to Ethiopian Trade law as a consulting firm in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The firm has established strong capacity in terms of diverse expertise and logistics, broad clients’ base and good networks with national and international organizations and other consulting firms.

The consulting firm is dedicated to provide practical, client-oriented participatory consultancy and advisory/backstopping in the area of business advisory, financial and investment consultancy, Human resource management, Project management and leadership & engineering advisory areas& etc. The firm has conducted and produced numerous study documents. Client organizations range from regional and Federal Government institutions, local NGOs, Business firms, International NGOs, UN agencies and bilateral organizations.

The firm is established by experienced senior researchers with a background in Leadership and management Business Administration, Human resource management, financial management, Project management Industrial Engineering and Marketing management professional assignments and some of consultancy assignments, as evidence, discharged by the firm and individually are depicted as under and tasks accomplished by individual consultants are detailed in their respective CVs.

Habm Link recently established consulting company aimed at bringing efficient business acumen into the Ethiopian Business Management. Formed to provide specialized consultancy and training services that would add a valuable value to the industry you are running.  This company has been formed with the premise of employing the “young energetic and skilled personnel.

Habm Link Consulting PLC is established according to the Ethiopian commercial law in 2013, with an objective of providing quality consultancy and training service to local and foreign business organizations, and humanitarian and development institutions. Habm Link Consulting PLC is comprised of multidisciplinary young energetic professionals who have rich consulting and training experience in the areas of management, marketing, media, public relations, hospitality, project management, financial management, HR management and feasibility study.

HabmLink Consulting PLC is heading forward to contribute its past for the success of any form of businesses in the country. The main objective of the company is to provide efficient support to our clients in order for them to achieve their respective goals.

The importance of consultancy is unquestionable in today’s fast paced business environment that requires quality business decisions. Creating profitable growth is a challenge andlong-term success rests with a strategy that transforms user demands into viable business Strategy consulting guides you through the network, operation and business challenges that impact your bottom line, today and tomorrow.

Identifying and understanding end-user needs and meeting them with relevant offerings is crucial. Business model evolution, service innovation and introduction of new technologies also take on increasing importance. This requires a holistic approach that engages every part of your organization, which in turn rests on having the right strategy in place.

We have the knowledge, expertise and global experience to support you in developing an effective approach to:

  • business strategy and planning – defining business strategies and developing business plans with a focus on value creation;
  • marketing and service development - understanding the end user and ensuring the right services are developed and marketed effectively;
  • network strategy and planning – to meet the challenges caused by business growth, technology evolution and cost-efficiency requirements;

Habmlink Management consult PLC offers specific support at project implementation stage, whether turnkey, semi-turnkey. In addition to our own staff we employ senior associate consultants with dedicated project experience to provide a continuing and reliable service.

Running plants at optimum efficiency levels is a challenge for any plant wishing to maximize profitability. Our experienced consultants have benefit ted from exposure to a wide range of plants and diverse operating scenarios, enabling them to identify improvements or optimize processes rapidly. Particular strengths include benchmarking, technical training. In-depth market analytics are also a key service offering.

For rapid, reliable and competitive shipping and trading service, our experts are able to advice on both short-and long-term supply contracts, suitability of trading partners, supply logistics, port, and handling and distribution services.

Habm Link Consulting PLC is able to assist in the development of businesses, whether they are pursuing an acquisition-based growth strategy, pioneering new markets, or realigning asset bases through divestment. We offer a comprehensive range of business planning and M&A services and can carry out due diligence, technical and financial valuations.

By partnering with us, you benefit from our expertise when creating new business opportunities and ensuring profitable growth. Our contribution stems from:

  • our deep knowledge of the Ethiopian business and expertise on key industry issues, as well as a focus on creating value;
  • our unique capabilities and insights, providing a holistic approach backed by an established support structure and the capabilities to implement what is recommended;
  • Results, achieved through a strong combination of hands-on experience, staff with both operator and consultancy backgrounds, and insight gained from working on many projects around the country.

Our contact surface to the business community and Non-Governmental organization is tremendous. We have also established strong and reliable professional relationships with key decision makers in the country from the outset.

The value we bring to our clients: speed, working in tandem, future orientation, embracing the client's view of value, and delivering total solutions - from ideas to implementation.


We don’t claim to be the best consulting service provider, but we strive to do better because to us quality service is in our nature.



  • To provide cutting edge consulting services at the most reasonable rates possible.
  • To provide consulting and training services, that would add a significant value and remarkable change in the industry at affordable rates.
  • To empower the staff with real pragmatic business solutions.
  • To adapt and reinvent consulting and training service and be remembered with pride ten years from now.


  • To develop the company into a blue chip company listed on the Ethiopian Management consultancy service market within the next ten years.
  • To create an internal sound and lighting department in three years from now.
  • To incorporate management research and development functions in the company in the first five years.
  • To create an efficient functions and management team.